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The Bachelorette Desiree ! Episode 3

What are your thoughts on the third episode of this season of The Bachelorette ? (If you have not seen the show and do not want spoilers do not read the replies... as they are likely to have spoilers).
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• I get this strange feeling Brandon is completely trying to set himself up to be the next Bachelor... I just could not buy his "I am in love with Des and she just does not feel it." crap. I know... I am a skeptic.

• Brian being outed by Stephanie was funny. Man did he try to hold on to that lie and scramble way too hard. Oh well... maybe that is why he was so chill... he did get laid two days before the show.

• Mikey T and his jealousy of Ben is going to get the best of him. Too obsessive. Ben will bury himself (or be the male Tierra... the same deal either way).

• Yeah... still posting here on the off chance a couple people might join in the fun. I can be obstinate about things sometimes LOL.