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which one??

so wut do u guys think tara or jessica??? i personally love jessica, wut abt u guys??
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I also want Jessica to win...even though she's only 21 years old - you can see that she's mature for her age...You don't have to be SO SERIOUS to get married. I was 22 when I got married and it's still GREAT! Jessica is also sweet and not self centered. She knows how to have fun and she's a down to earth person.
yea i totally agree with you, jessica also has great morals, she would make a great wife/mother they also have better chemistry than jesse and tara
I am hoping that he picks Jessica too :) I think that some of his feelings for Tara are Jenny's influence. It will be interesting to see who she suggests to him next week (as shown in the previews). I can't wait!